Wealth & Life Planning

Wealth and Life Planning System©

A comprehensive approach to planning and wealth management helps clients make decisions more effectively and efficiently, about what they want to preserve for themselves, their children and the greater community. More than the technical aspects of wealth management, families are addressing their children’s needs, their death, their legacy and what really matters to them. It is about managing the total family assets, which go far beyond the investment products offered. Ultimately, a state-of-the-art wealth management protocol helps a family preserve and grow their assets, while simultaneously furthering family relationships across the generations.

Most financial decisions are also emotional decisions.  How can people make the best financial and emotional choices?

The Money Meaning, & Choices Wealth and Life Planning System is a practical, values-based framework that brings together life planning with financial decision-making. Its step by step approach which enables people to clarify money-related emotional issues, determine operational money values, and then use these values as a basis for financial decision-making,  estate planning decisions, lifestyle balance, philanthropy, and legacy planning.

Our system encourages effective money communication between the generations, enabling parents and adult children to be clear about each other’s intentions and perceptions. It helps families make positive decisions about distributions of estate assets.

The MMCI Wealth and Life Planning System© provides a framework, strategies and tools for:

  • Having family meetings about money
  • Moving beyond  the emotional issues that get in the way of financial decision-making
  • Identifying and talking about each family member’s financial and  emotional concerns about money matters
  • Determining family core money values- the foundation for making decisions on the saving, spending and sharing and transferring of wealth
  • Helping people identify and prioritize how they really want to spend their time
  • Focusing philanthropic priorities and involving the next generation
  • Creating a legacy plan that passes on important stories and principles

Click here for PDF of Wealth & Life Planning system advisor training program