Public Speaking Programs

The Mechanics Bank

  • Family Money: Disruption, Resolution and Unity

Marin Community Foundation and Resourceful Women

  • Money and Family Event: Exploring the Financial and Emotional Issues of Affluent Families

The Chase Manhattan Bank:

  • Opportunities in the Real Economy

Northern Trust and Silicon Valley Planned Giving Council:

  • Money Meaning and Philanthropy: How to Talk About Money So People Will Make Meaningful Gifts

Northern Trust

  • How Money Issues Affect Relationships

Marin Estate Planning Seminar

  • Thinking About Money: Saving, Spending and Sharing

JP Morgan Private Bank

  • The Impact of Money on Relationships: Challenges and Opportunities

Salomon Smith Barney

  • The Choices and Challenges of Wealth: Balancing Personal, Financial and Philanthropic Goals
  • Managing Your Wealth and Your Children’s Perspectives

Institute for International Research) Wealth Management Series

Institute of Noetic Sciences

  • New Money, New Philanthropy

Citigroup Private Bank

  • Leadership, Stewardship, Relationship: Psychological Challenges of Wealth

East Bay Community Foundation

  • Talking with Your Clients about Charitable Giving

Jewish Community Endowment Fund – 5th Annual Tax and estate Planning Seminar

  • Are You Listening?  New Approaches to Advisor-Client Relations; Expanding the Advisors Role

Wealth Planning Institute

  • Developing Money Values

Jewish Community Federation

  • Creating Lasting Values for your Family

Social Venture Partners (SVP)

  • Money and Relationships

SV2 Silicon Valley

  • Raising Children in an Age of Affluence

USF Family Business Seminar:

  • Achieving Lifestyle Balance in an Age of Affluence

Harris Bank (luncheon to private group)

Citigroup Private Bank

  • Self, Family, Society: The human dimension of wealth

SunTrust Bank

  • Expanding the Advisors Role with High Net Worth Clients

First Republic Bank

  • Wealth and Life Planning for High Net Worth Clients: Expanding the Advisors Role

Asset Management Advisors

  • Effective Money Communication

Litman/Gregory Asset Management

  • Children and Money

YPO   Young Presidents Organization (SF)

  • Money and Children

Merrill Lynch

  • Creating Lasting Values for your Family
  • The Choices and Challenges of Wealth: Balancing Personal, Professional, and Philanthropic Goals

FPA Financial Planning Association

  • Financial Planner as Family Facilitator

Northern California Planned Giving Association

  • Life and Legacy Planning – How to talk about Money so People will Listen and make Meaningful Gifts

First Republic Bank

  • Expanding the Advisors Role Workshop

Wells Fargo Bank

Neuberger Berman

  • Planning Effective Family Meetings

Jewish Funders Network

  • Creating Lasting Values for your family


  • Family and the Quest for Meaning in Uncertain Times

SunTrust Bank

  • Ethics: From Corporate America to the Family (Women’s conference)

Neuberger Berman

  • Holding Family Meetings about children and money

Tides Foundation

  • Philanthropy: Values Based Approach

Financial Planning Association – California

  • Life and Wealth Planning

Tax & Financial Group

  • Preserving Family Relationships and Family Wealth

Merrill Lynch

  • Preserving Family Relationships and Family Wealth

SunTrust Bank

  • AMA Women’s Conference

Saybrook Institute

  • Psychology of Money and Wealth: How to work with individuals, couples, and families of issues of money, inheritance and family business succession.

Citigroup Trust

  • Family Meetings – Integrated Wealth Planning

Merrill Lynch

  • Soft Skills Financial Mentoring Program

Wells Fargo Private Bank

  • Preserving Family and Finances: Connecting the Generations
  • UBS National Women’s Leadership Conference

Wilmington Trust

  • Talking to the generations about wealth

Texas Family Office Network

  • Raising Children in Affluent Families

Reich and Walner

  • Best Practices for a Happy Family