Professional Advisor Training

Advisor & Organizational Services

Our institutional clients include major financial companies like Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup and Wells Fargo to small financial advisory groups. A significant part of our work is providing workshops and public speaking engagements on topics such as raising children in affluent families; best practices of successful families; intergenerational wealth transfer; family dynamics and communication; having effective family meetings; philanthropy; conflict resolution; and handling the impact of sudden wealth (or its loss).

MMCI provides a variety of programs and services to leverage the capacity and knowledge base of professional advisors. Our training programs provide the professional with skills to help them address the relevant psychological wealth issues, enabling them to provide their clients with added value.  We have developed a proprietary Professional Adviser Training and Certification program, based on the MMCI Wealth and Life Planning System.

MMCI also creates curriculum as content for institutional presentation materials and websites, including topics such as family governance, family meetings, distribution and estate planning, legacy and heritage, philanthropy, and family connection

Financial Services Professionals

We provide:      

  • Individual and group consultation
  • Individual and Corporate training programs

Through a better understanding of the interface between psychological and financial issues, we enable professionals to more effectively lead client meetings as well as to master conflicts that otherwise complicate wealth management. Our services include:

  • Handling the emotional issues that can impede financial decision making
  • Teaching the psychology of wealth and differences between earned, inherited, and sudden wealth
  • Integrating soft skills with existing wealth management protocols: training and program development
  • Expanding the advisors  role as a family facilitator
  • Leading multi generational family meetings
  • Helping to lead family meetings and teaching family facilitation skills
  • Training to be a licensed facilitator of the WLP Wealth and Life Planning System©
  • Building a bridge between a product oriented approach and a relationship oriented approach
  • Training on philanthropic planning

We offer customized advisor training programs and program development based on the needs of the organization or individual advisor.   We also offer case consultation as an added value service.