Strategic Life Planning

  • Review and expand the individual’s capacity to live a life that maximizes the opportunities and minimizes the risks of wealth
  • Vision and plan for a life with little regret, today and in the future
  • Create a lifestyle that is aligned with core values optimal use of time
  • Focus on what really matters and is meaningful
  • Reduce time spent in areas that are no longer important or fulfilling
  • Identify specific areas of interest that reflect personal needs, desires and dreams

Life Strategy Retreat

The MMCI Life Strategy Retreat provides a unique opportunity to focus on the purpose, meaning, and priorities of your life for both today and the future. We make use of a strategic framework that provides the participant with an “out of the box” experience that is exciting, enjoyable, non-judgmental, and productive. You will leave this retreat with an action plan, including a set of specific objectives in order to implement your personally determined outcomes.

We personally tailor the retreat, working with you to:

  • Gain clarity on personal core values
  • Better understand the psychological Opportunities and Pitfalls of Mid-Life Adult Development
  • Review of past and current life decisions taking into account a personal perspective on:
    • Life Roles
    • Key people
    • Assessment of strengths and vulnerabilities
    • Processes that create forward momentum/passion/inspiration versus backward movement/deadness/inhibition
    • Key motivators
    • Obstacles to success
    • Current opportunities and interests
    • Life Goals and Priorities


  • The retreat process culminates in a sequence of specific objectives as part of an action plan.
  • The participant receives a written summary report of the retreat, with meeting highlights and specific action plans going forward.
  • A follow-up conference call one month following the retreat.