Optimal Planning for the Affluent Family

Optimal Family Life Plan

Vision and plan for the family future to achieve desired goals as a family and as individuals. This may include:

  • Calendar important events, experiences, travel, education etc.
  • Prioritize important goals
  • 1 and 10 year family calendar
  • Balancing self, couple and family time
  • Planning for developmental milestones
  • Family lifestyle
  • Family dynamics: Working with behavioral styles and differences
  • Financial parenting life plan: Customized program to provide education and support for parents that is tailored to the capacities and developmental level of their children

Optimal Relationship Plan

Review and expand the couple’s capacity to achieve the best possible relationship, balancing the needs of each partner with the needs of the couple. Topics include:

  • Vision and plan for the “you, me and us”: Focus on what really matters
  • Relationship objectives aligned with core values
  • Managing and fostering the relationship
  • Managing disagreements and conflicts while improving communication tools
  • Strategies and tools to move forward versus getting stuck in non productive habits
  • Optimal use of time as a couple

Optimal Parenting Plan:

Raising children with lasting values: Tools and strategies for parents tailored to the capacities and developmental level of children of all ages.  Topics include:

  • How to impart the value of money and the work ethic
  • Education on developmentally appropriate opportunities to save, earn, invest, and share
  • How to minimize the risk of the “spoiled child syndrome”
  • Money management skills: Teach and pass on important money behaviors
  • Set criteria for allowance, chores & distributions
  • Educate and engage in family philanthropy
  • Financial parenting
  • Mentor the next generation: cultivate leadership