Governance and Family Council

Governance educates and empowers family members.  Governance provides the structures, policies, and procedures to support leadership, and effective management of family wealth, the family and the family business enterprise.  Governance processes enable the business owners to be responsive to the rights, needs, and wants of its stakeholders (including family members).

MMCI services foster the development of Family governance as a method to develop and gain input from stake holder’s family members, to make decisions, achieve goals and have understandable and transparent decision making. Effective governance transmits a sense of meaning and purpose to all stakeholders and/or family members. It is a voluntary agreement used by the family/enterprise to implement shared values and goals. At its best, governance increases family unity, grooms and empowers next generation family members, and effectively handles the challenges and conflicts that are consequent of the generational evolution of the family system

The structure and formality of the Family Council, the decision-making body of the family organization, provides a rational, organized way of having discussions and making decisions about the spending, saving, sharing, and transferring of wealth. The Council develops, manages, and reviews family policies and procedures. Our programs and services help develop the family council including issues such as: executive oversight, planning, communication, reaching decisions, and resolving conflicts. MMCI programs encourage education and development of family members, and a variety of subject matters such as: how best to handle requests to fund entrepreneurial projects, philanthropy, purchase of a home, and educational pursuits.

We offer advisory, educational, and mediation services that are customized to the needs of the client. For the family business we offer: strategic planning, governance development, meeting facilitation, succession and transition planning