Family Meetings & Retreats

Facilitated family meetings offer an effective and efficient way for thinking through and making important decisions regarding the impact of family money on individuals, children, the family estate, and the family business. Programs are customized to meet the specific questions and needs of our clients. We offer cutting-edge ideas, strategies, and tools to help insure that the financial, estate, and life planning decisions best reflect what is most important and significant.

MMCI programs also offer guidance and education on best practices of families who succeed at the preservation of family wealth and family legacy. Ultimately the family meeting sets the foundation to maximize the opportunities of wealth and minimize its potential negative impact on the next generation, the family business and the family legacy.

The agenda of family meetings covers a broad array of topics, such as:

  • The family mission
  • Values that guide the spending, saving, and sharing of wealth.
  • Raising productive, motivated, and compassionate children, with specifics such as:
    • Parents’ expectations of the next generation
    • Distribution and inheritance: how much, when, with what conditions
    • Potential problems (in-laws, sibling conflicts, step-families)
    • Cultivating financial literacy and competency
  • Stewardship of wealth
  • Develop mechanisms to resolve differences about money
  • A change in financial or personal circumstances, such as a liquidity event, birth, marriage, divorce, death, etc.
  • Governance, succession, transition planning, bloodline, leadership
  • Legacy
  • Family unity and family connection
  • Family Philanthropy: vision, strategy, vehicles, family involvement, governance, leadership development

We see family meetings as an ongoing process.

Please view our MMCI Ongoing Family Meeting Chart.