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Magazines & Newspapers
Journal of Practical Estate Planning Implementation of Effective Family Governance Structures
Journal of Practical Estate Planning Thinking Through Loans, Gifts, and Bail-Outs to Friends and Family
Journal of Practical Estate Planning Making Peace With Your Enemies: Managing the Impact of Divorce on Intergenerational Family Life
Self Magazine This little piggy changed the world
Autumn Insight Four key practices that are key to a happy family life and sound finances in the long run
Money Magazine Have You got what it takes to be rich-J. Hyatt
Journal of Practical Estate Planning Inheritance and Sibling Rivalry-Goldbart and Difuria
The Washington Times Splitting heirs over wealth-J. Harper
CBS Market Watch From Making Money to Giving It Away-K. Geencher
San Francisco Chronicle No Need to Worry: Millionaires Thriving Worldwide
Newsweek, MSNBC Marriage, Act II-C. Kalb
Holt and Company Money, A Memoir: Women, Emotions, and Cash– L. Perle
Fortune Small Business Death of the IPO Dream
Worth/Rob Report To Mediate or Litigate?
Southwest Airlines Spirit Money: Jackpot!?-M. Henricks
USA Today How much would make you smile?-C. Wilson
Forbes FYI Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot…–J. Brooke
Worth/ Rob Report After the Windfall-A. Field
Merrill Lynch Advisor Magazine Breaking Away-L. Keslar
Worth/Robb Report Lessons in Giving-M. Lowengard
San Diego Union-Tribune Staggering prices fueling real estate mania-J. Goodwin
Chicago Tribune Business Section The Sum of Life Can’t Be Found on Balance Sheet-J.Stewart
New York Times: Personal Business Section When A Windfall Frays Family Ties—E. Spragins
CBS MarketWatch Once we were blind, but now we see: Why fear’s been routed and greed is dead—C. Pummer
Washington Post Microsoft Millionaires Grapple with Wealth—B. Harden
Town and Country Family Finances, Part Two
Working Mother How Much is Enough?—Kruger and Solomon
Ladies Home Journal When good news makes you feel bad—J. Ralston
Washington Post Accepting the Bear Facts—Martha Frase-Blunt
San Francisco Chronicle Young adults resilient about stock busts—Carol Emert
Business 2.0 From Hubris to Humility
Denver Post Secrets to Surviving Success
San Francisco Chronicle—Business Fledgling Investors—Carol Emert
International Herald Tribune Silicon Valley waits for the next wave
Washington Post As Roller Coaster Dips Again, They Want Another Ride—W. Booth & A.E. Cha
Financial Times Weekend Investor—Elizabeth Bailey
New York Times Portfolio Depression, Traders Seek Therapy—A. Stanley
Wall Street Journal The New Buzz Heard Around the Water Coolers Nationwide—Suein Hwang
New York Times Cherished, but for What?—Ellyn Spragins
Business Week The Harder They Fall—Joan O’C. Hamilton
CNN Money Riches to rags: millionaires who go bust—Leslie Haggin Geary
Child Allowance
The Economist Rich Man’s Burden
San Jose Mercury News Reality Replaces Revelry for Laid-Off Dot-Commers—Sue Hutchison
San Francisco Chronicle—front page Millionaires For A Minute
Financial Times Trouble Wrapped Up in Presents for the Parents
Business Forward Ticker Shock
Forbes Having It All – But Needing a Grip—Leigh Gallagher
The New York Times Therapy for Dot-Com Survivors
The New York Times The Joy of Joblessness in the Web Wipeout—Todd Krieger
The New York Times Hallways Buzz With Stock Tips
Talk War of the Worlds
New York Times When Numbers Cease to Matter
New York Times Sunday Magazine section
New York Times Front page Adolescents and Wealth
New York Times, Sunday Personal Business Section
New York Times Backslash—Matt Richtel
Newsweek Magazine Perspectives Section
Newsweek Magazine Issues of Inheritance, Editor: Robert Samuelson
Newsweek Magazine The Limits of Materialism—Robert Samuelson
Wall Street Journal Article – Money Suein Hwang
Wall Street Journal The Parent Trap
Boston Sunday Globe Issue – Children and Money
Los Angeles Times Front Page Issues of Wealth—Ashley Dunn
San Francisco Chronicle Front page of Business Section
San Francisco Chronicle Feature piece – Authur Louis
San Diego Union-Tribune Full Front Pg “Currents & Arts”
San Diego Union-Tribune Obsession with the stock market has scored a record high—Jenifer Hanrahan
San Jose Mercury News Take the money and don’t run
Business Week Magazine Explaining Money’s Mysteries
Business Week Magazine The Dark Side of the Valley
Financial Times Sudden Wealth, magazine section
Town and Country Magazine Handling Wealth
USA Today Everyone wants a shot at being a millionaire—Maria Puente
Seattle Times Can you enjoy your money and continue to be the person you always were?—Carol Ostrom
U. S. News and World Report “New Philanthropy”—Betsy Streisand
The Sunday Times It’s tough being an ultra-rich kid
The Sunday Times Boardwalk Blues
Chicago Tribune Article by Patrick Cole
New York Post Article by Brad Hunter
Money Magazine Article on Sudden Wealth by Peter Cabanara/Feature Writer
Washington Monthly Magazine Article
CBS News Article on “Helping Relieve the Pain of Money” featuring DiFuria and Goldbart
Wired Magazine Letter to Editor by Money, Meaning and Choices Institute
Wired Magazine It’s a Bitch to be Rich—Brad Wiener
WebMD Health Advice for Those Who Strike It Rich—Valerie Andrews
WebMD Health Too Rich for Your Health? New anxieties can accompany Silicon Valley’s new money IPO Couch Bring Me Your Wired and Homeless—Jack Boulware Dirty Little Secrets
Reuters New York Psychology of Money
Red Ship Review Financial Newsletter to Wealthy
Family PC The Rich-Brat Syndrome
Research Magazine The Too Much Money Blues
Marin Independent Journal Feature piece
Click Magazine Interview I’ve Got It All…Including Anxiety
Bloomberg Wealth Magazine Article by Debra Jacobs
Cox Newspapers Article by Rebecca Carr
San Francisco Magazine Article by Kate Rope
Tech Week The young and the wealthy—Heather Stringer
GEO Magazine German magazine interviewed on Sudden Wealth
Daily Telegraph – U. K. Feature piece by A. Goldberg
Jerusalem Post Sudden Wealth Issues
The Independent – London Full Page Sudden Wealth
Korean News Sudden Wealth Issues
Canadian Business Magazine Article by Dawn Calliyah
Konrad Magazine Maria Speck, feature profile
20/20 TV Interview on Issues of Wealth
CNN TV Interview : Sudden Wealth Feb/25
MSNBC Morning show DiFuria and Goldbart on SWS
NBS nightly news w/ T Brokow Market volatility and psychology
NBC with Tom Brokow Sudden Wealth
CBS Morning Show (live) Sudden Wealth
FOX TV News Sudden Wealth
A & E Channel TV Interview on the New Rich 3/2
CNN Children and Money
CNET TV Interview College kids & Money
ZD Net TV Interview for Sudden Wealth Syndrome and Ticker Shock
Channel 2 TV
With Ross McGowen
Live TV –Sudden Wealth
Bay TV with Emmerald Yeh NBC San Francisco Live TV Sudden Wealth Syndrome
Channel 4 KRON TV with Emmerald Yeh 5 part Series on wealth.
News Channel 11 Interview re Wealth
KOVR 13 Interview re MMC Institute
BBC of London Documentary
Fox News WNYW-TV New York Market Volatility
NBC News Tom Brokaw
BBC live radio Europe Live interview re MMC Institute
WWL Radio-“The Andre Show” New Orleans 1 hour talk show
NPR radio, Pasadena Ca Interview re Money Meaning and Choices Institute and its mission
KABC radio LA Live radio on SWS
WEBMD Sudden Wealth
CBC ( Canadian Broadcast) Sudden Wealth
KQED Michael Krasny Show 1 hour segment
Nationally Syndicated Radio “Westwood One” Jan Sloozer
Kiro Radio (CBS affil Seattle The Dave Ross Show
Redband Radio “Money Sense” Show
NPR, Talk of the Nation Juan Williams
KQED Radio Forum Michael Krasney
KCBS Bob Butler