How we work

Our clients typically have a net worth of $10mm to over 1 billion and are located throughout the United States and occasionally internationally. We usually travel to our client’s location or consult by phone. We work with individuals, couples and families often spanning 3 or more generations.

Core Issues We Address

Wealth transfer, values based decision making, mediation and conflict resolution, communication and family dynamics, family business and leadership, philanthropy, legacy, sudden wealth, succession.

Core Resources

We offer a unique blend of senior level expertise in business and psychology.  Our primary means of service delivery is facilitated face to face meetings and telephone/video conferences. A significant part of our work is facilitating on-going family council meetings scheduled on a regular basis, usually quarterly, semi-annually or annually.  These family council meetings address with a wide range of issues including creating family governance bylaws. We also facilitate family meetings and retreats.

Safe Harbor

We help our clients in an emotionally safe and confidential environment, drawing upon our extensive experience of working with other wealth holders. This is done in a process that fosters openness, trust and accountability and helps our clients to formulate clear guidelines to protect and enhance their financial, emotional and intellectual assets. This process becomes essential and useful for all of our clients’ advisors to assist them in providing the best possible advice consistent with their well-defined guidelines.

Reflecting Your Values

Our goal is to maximize the opportunities and minimize the challenges and risks that come with having, inheriting, and transferring wealth.  Ultimately, helping clients create a vision and plan for a life that reflects their priorities for themselves, their loved ones and the greater community. We do this by initially identifying and documenting our clients’ values and then use this to help evaluate which decisions best reflect those values.

Needs Assessment & Proposal of Services

After an initial phone conversation assessment, we will formally propose, based on the unique needs of each situation, how to best utilize our professional services and the cost involved. Upon the clients acceptance of our recommendation we schedule meetings with definitive agendas to work through the issues that have been identified. Sometimes our work focuses on the resolution of specific issues and in other situations we create an ongoing process to address existing issues as well as new issues as they arise. In addition to our facilitation skills, we utilize our combined decades of experience to implement the proven best practices of other successful wealth holders.

Fee Based

Our services are fee-based. We typically are engaged either individually or as a two or three person team and charge an hourly or day rate based accordingly. We offer detailed written summaries from the meetings we facilitate. In addition to wealth holders we often work in conjunction with their existing financial advisors, bankers, attorneys, accountants, trustees and other trusted family professionals and advisers advocating for our clients defined goals.


Please contact us; we look forward to talking with you. Call (415 267-6107) or e-mail us ( and either Joan DiFuria or Dr. Stephen Goldbart, Co-Founders, will contact you to discuss your needs and how our services could benefit you.