Leading family meetings and retreats

Creating family mission statements

Psychological opportunties and challenges of earned, inherited and sudden wealth

Developing family governance structures

Handling family conflict and family dynamics-mediation and conflict resolution in famiies and family busineses

Preparing the next generation for the responsibilities of wealth

Certifying and guiding professional advisors

Best practices of successful wealthy families

Facilitating communication in the family

Wealth psychology

Wealth Psychology: Families, Family Businesses and Advisors


Individuals, couples, and families of wealth, as well as family businesses, face a multitude of unique issues. We offer advisory and facilitation services in order to maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks of wealth. We use a pragmatic process to navigate the psychological issues of wealth in a way that reflects the identified values of our clients.


MMCI works with financial institutions, family offices, philanthropic organizations, and professional advisor groups, providing educational workshops and public speaking programs. We offer professional advisor training and certification including our proprietary "Wealth and Life Planning System".


Our services bring together senior level capacity in business and psychology to advise and mediate conflict. We work to increase the chances of reaching agreement even in situations that appear deadlocked. Typical issues include: estate planning, inheritance, trusts, marriage, divorce, and business issues.


Programs and services on topics such as: